Stones - Rose Quartz Wands (3 Pack!)
Stones - Rose Quartz Wands (3 Pack!)
Stones - Rose Quartz Wands (3 Pack!)

Rose Quartz Wands (3 pack!)

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These wands are pure Rose Quartz and are around 3 inches in length. Rose quartz is a great crystal to magnify your heart chakra. 
Energy: Magnifies creativity and imagination: good for writing, art, and music. 
Emotional and Spiritual: Calming. Good for forgiveness, love, romance, and relationships. Enhances female energy and qualities. Helps with crisis, stress, tension, fear, guilt, grief, jealousy, phobias and anger. Good for children and their emotions, has a calming effect. 
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We donate part of every purchase to help kids and families in Uganda. 

For every one of these necklaces we give away we are adding a dollar to our donation fund.

We have partnered with Asteroidea Health Alliance to help build hospitals and clinics in East and Central Africa. 

    We at Energetic Healthy Me are committed to making the world a better place. We are the only natural home store that donates part of our profits to Asteroidea Health Alliance. 
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