Wrap Bracelets - Neon Love
Wrap Bracelets - Neon Love
Wrap Bracelets - Neon Love
Wrap Bracelets - Neon Love
Wrap Bracelets - Neon Love

Neon Love

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 Beautiful Neon Love Energy Bracelet Made of Natural Stone and Leather.


Agate will also make sure that positive vibes flow through you non-stop. It will keep you energized and empowered. It will keep you feeling positive and uplifted. 


Negative energies will be dispelled, and you will be protected from any kind of negative attack on your body, heart, mind, and spirit.


Energize your body and mind with the power of natural stone and leather. 


***Each bracelet is handmade to order***


Alloy Daisy Flower Closure.


One size: ~6.7 inches around plus 2 adjustable closures


Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


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Grounding Meditation:

 How to ground yourself: Holding the bracelet in one hand, or wearing it, imagine you are standing in your bare feet on the ground. (It doesn't matter if you're in your cubicle in a high rise or even flying somewhere on a plane.) Your feet are planted firmly on the bare earth, and by an exercise of your will, you send roots into the earth. As you inhale, you draw energy up through your new 'roots', and as you exhale, you send your roots even further into the earth. Do this for several minutes - you should definitely feel a change in the state of your feeling of 'aliveness'.